typopinion::proof that nothing gold can stay

proof that nothing gold can stay
proof that nothing gold can stay
proof that nothing gold can stay
proof that nothing gold can stay

written, as always,
by Seth Tiefenauer

on this day, Seth says:
Ah, the joy of the dropdown box. typopinion now has a more intuitive, choose-from-a-list-and-press-a-button navigation system. Hurrah! ^_- (2:56:25 AM)

Time for another bad AYB parody. (Discuss bad AYB parodies)

In AD 2001, war was beginning.
Lott: What happen?
Jeffords: Somebody set up me the switch parties.
Dubya: We get signal.
Lott: What!
Dubya: Republican party listen up.
Lott: It's you!!
Daschle: How are you gentlemen!!
Daschle: All your liberal are belong to us.
Daschle: You are on the way to losing control of Congress.
Lott: What you say!!
Daschle: You have no chance to survive pass legislation.
Daschle: Ha ha ha ....
Dubya: Lott!
Lott: Lose every 'vote'!!
Lott: We don't know what we doing.
Lott: Lose 'vote'.
Lott: For we are great dumbasses.
 (2:17:14 AM)

on this day, Seth says:
Mmmmkay. Well, in the effort to continue the never-ending story routine, I've contributed a couple of chapters of philulrich.com's pick-your-own-path-slash-never-ending story. Just so you know. Oh, and one of the options is punching me in the face. A lot of you might find that fun. Mind you, my zombie gets its revenge. And now, on to what I was originally going to talk about. Have you ever considered the cosmic thought processes that go into lawnmowing? And so I proudly present:

Mowing the Lawn:
Boring Yardwork?
Philosophical Exercise?

If you're like me, mowing the lawn, whether you're using a push mower or a riding mower, is not exactly a mind-consuming enterprise. In fact, I tend to think about anything except mowing the damn grass. It's where I've considered some of the strangest things ever. Zeno's Arrow, for instance. That sort of thing. I've also written entire songs in my head, and don't think THAT doesn't turn out interesting. Okay, so this point wasn't too interesting. I admit it. (Discuss lawn mowing--yardwork vs. philosophical exercise)

I'm going to go destroy more brain cells. (12:28:00 PM)

on this day, Seth says:
First, an announcement. I'm sure that anyone forced to read that horrible AYB parody I wrote earlier today has already guessed at this, but nonetheless, it's important. In case it wasn't really freakin' obvious, I moved typopinion off of Blog*Spot. I repeat:

In case it wasn't
really freakin' obvious,
I moved typopinion
off of Blog*Spot.

For starters, I felt really bad about cheating them out of their ad. I was also afraid that if I kept it up, I might give into temptation and block it AGAIN, in which case they might find it and delete typopinion. And I don't want to try to reconstruct the blasted thing. For the record: many free webhosts are vulnerable to slips of Cascading Style Sheet. "gee, no, I didn't know that putting 'table { display: none; }' in my style area would block Blog*Spot's ads!" (For the record, don't shoot me do that.) That said and done, let's move on to my real topic.

Go on, move to my real topic. Figure out what my real topic is, then move me to it. I defy you. Having trouble? ...In truth, so am I. This looks like it's just going to be another opinionated site like so many out on the web. And you know what? So be it. I'll state it formally: typopinion, as it stands, is going to be a front for the personal opinions and musings of Seth "Shifty" Tiefenauer, that being me. I see no need to give the site a self-deprecating name or tone, or to use the word "musings/blog/crazed/wandering/pointless" anywhere in the title. I believe that, by <!--#include "deity.name" -->, anyone who reads this should expect to get my opinion, and they're gonna like it. I feel it's usually worth reading. (1:16:27 AM)

on this day, Seth says:
I think 50megs.com and I are about to have words. Angry ones. >_<

I've tried to use the 50megs family of servers (Freeservers, I believe) before with Blogger. The two machines seem to have trouble communicating. Picture this:

In AD 2001, blog was beginning.
Blogger: What happen?
Ev Williams: Somebody set up us the broken pipe.
Jason Shellen: We get signal.
Blogger: What!
Jason Shellen: Blog edit turn on.
Blogger: It's you!!
50megs: How are you gentlemen!!
50megs: All your error are belong to us.
50megs: You are on the way to not working.
Blogger: What you say!!
50megs: You have no chance to publish make your page.
50megs: Ha ha ha ....
Jason Shellen: Blogger!
Blogger: Take off every 'publish'!!
Blogger: You know what you doing.
Blogger: Push 'publish'.
Blogger: For great blog.

Need I say more? (2:37:59 PM)

This is the Summer of my Discontent. Or the summer of my rapidly increasing boredom, if you will. My rapidly decreasing will to do anything except sit here and blog, along with the occasional stop to go to work, are a sure sign of the fact that summer is here. Right now, I am between schools, and this fact alone is enough to keep my desire to do anything from manifesting. I do leave the house, mind you. There's no way I couldn't. I have to go to work, after all. Not that they'd fire ME. I am essential to the place, because I can do one of three jobs at any given time. Just promote me to management for the summer and get it over with, says I.....

I mentioned between schools. I think a large part of my laziness has to do with the fact that right now, I'm between high school and college. This is very possibly the last moment in my entire life, prior to early retirement due to fame and fortune (a guy can hope!) that I have the opportunity to do nothing, and enjoy it. (Blogging counts as nothing, mind you.) I am a man of leisure right now, and I am enjoying it. The world can wait. (1:32:28 PM)

on this day, Seth says:
As much as it more or less pains me to do it, I'd like to thank Microsoft for this brand-spanking new layout. And the name. ^_- Now if I can just get Blog*Spot to cooperate and publish, I'll be happy. In case you're wondering, there are no graphics used in the creation of this site. Since Blog*Spot won't let me upload pics, I don't feel like publishing offsite, and I don't feel like linking to offsite pictures, I decided to resort to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). And oh, the results.

The things
you can do
with CSS
are simply ingenious.

Everything you see on typopinion is text. The header, the...well, the text, the callouts, and the logo at the top--all text. Surprised? So am I. The things you can do with CSS are simply ingenious. Typopinion is an example of this. Fast loading, good reading, and bright easy colors--isn't that what we all want out of a blog? ^_-

And as for that "nothing gold can stay" bit--it's a poem by Robert Frost, as well as used before one version of "Hit or Miss" by New Found Glory.

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leafs a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it for a while. (11:30:16 PM)

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